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A New Way to Learn

Text Based Games (TBGs) are the next big development in online learning. How do TBGs work? A number of players must read the rules of the particular game being played, and then join in by adding a post to the game.

How are TBGs educational? Text Based Games can increase numeracy, literacy and science skills, as most games require players to count up or down in different ways, or add large numbers together to manually calculate their score.

A subgenre of TBGs are Role Playing Games also known as RPGs. These games require a player to immerse themself in an imaginary world of players and explore their environment. Many RPGs also require a player to craft their own story, and follow the rules of the world. Unlike traditional graphic based RPGs, however, Text Based RPGS are played by adding posts to the game topic. This dramatically improves the players ability to write narrative.

Are you worried about child safety on the TBGs? You will by glad to know that we have a dedicated team of moderators working 24/7, roaming the forums and deleting all spam, inappropriate posts, and also helping new players to learn the ropes. We are also protected by cutting edge technologies which make in nearly impossible for spammers to break in, or for players to break rules.