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#1 2022-Nov-06  02:02:47

From: Scratch (same name as here)
Registered: 2022-Sep-01
Posts: 287

Reducing Klingon (Bing Translate)

Take the sentence above you, translate it into klingon and back using bing translate, then post your result! (if BBCode is in the previous sentence, then reformat it after you've translated it back into english (links must also be translated))
If it's no longer reduceable, then say "RESET! (new sentence)"

Here's mine:

Hello, and welcome! I am [b]Smurf[/b], the person who made this topic. I have a [i][url=https://scratch.mit.edu/users/DifferentDance8/]Scratch[/url][/i] account. I post stuff there, occasionally.

- weird - coder - temporary signature for no BBCode -
I approve of this message! ✓
(yes, I had this exact signature minus this line since day 1!)


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