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#1 2022-Apr-28  13:16:13

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Redesigning Pokemon

[url=https://drawception.com/forums/artventure/57025/redesigning-pokemon/](Taken from the Drawception forum)[/url]

In this game, we will be drawing new designs for pokemon in national pokedex order.

Your design should be primarily based on the information provided in the pokedex, such as the pokemon's name, typing, pokedex description(s), etc.

(This information can generally be found on Bulbapedia.)

If the pokemon you are redesigning belongs to the same evolutionary line as (or is another form of) another pokemon that has already been redesigned in this topic, you should also base your design on the redesign for that pokemon as well.

If a pokemon has any regional variants, a mega/primal form, or a gigantamax form, these forms should be redesigned separately in that order after the base form has been redesigned (for example, Venusaur should be followed by Mega Venusaur and then Gigantamax Venusaur, before continuing on to Charmander). Other form variants besides these are optional, but the person who redesigns the base form may also redesign such other forms if they so choose. Otherwise, pokemon should be redesigned in ascending order by national pokedex number. Note that Runerigus and Perrserker (for example) have separate pokedex numbers and are not considered regional forms.

You are encouraged to label your posts with the name and national pokedex number of the pokemon being redesigned, and to include a reminder for the next poster as to which pokemon comes next at the end of your post. A brief explanation of your design is also appreciated, but not required.

To reduce the likelyhood of being ninjad, you are encouraged to placehold in this topic before you begin drawing (but please make sure to post your finished drawing within at most 24 hours after placeholding.)  Double posting is allowed, but please wait at least a few days between consecutive posts to give other players a chance.


To get us started, here's #001, Bulbasaur


It's a grass/poison type classified as the Seed Pokemon, and several Pokedex entries describe it has having either a large seed or a bulb-like seed pouch on its back. Also, the -saur suffix is derived from a Greek word meaning "lizard".

Next poster should redesign Ivysaur

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