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#1 2022-Feb-23  16:18:07

From: Saint Trimble's Island*
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First to win this game wins! (Reboot)

Title says most. The else is here:

-2. Everything should be able to decrypt within a reasonable time.
-1. Whoever wins the previous round adds a rule for the next round.
0. Feel free to post here to share ideas. Just don't spam.
1. I3ujWZ03m_ajiDl7u-W3kD-b960kE3OWO8I9xSkz1ER7FEryssywJ1zW7vJCc_qMKLL_GiDPJu6WIyuUDbS3rJhz5NewzcqlNinWtVIA_rjmOvKxp-dlIT2_rtysr_pmkJG39o3pdlGpPTsLLSFDJSjrFSfS7M5rAvWpKw2drNN7Rd59lA-MKZV6ID5s_LIGL5TU3K48KpXMKG94u62MSdAjz8bIJgLigmxh8Sp5Er5B5ebox3JjkV2p_OH1te9w-bkkZ_l9Z4FtzqANtLLYb2uJBNVo87roCv2r3BcB9HacayEfR9sglOfHJfJ7GT1P

*See XKCD 1688.
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