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#1 2022-Apr-14  23:09:08

From: Morioh - The Heart of Gold
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JoJo's TBG Adventure

If you dont know a thing about jojos bizarre adventure it is an anime and manga series in which we follow a bloodline in which everyone who has the nickname jojo has cool abilities and after the first 2 they have a cool ability called a stand. A stand is a manestifation of your life force (some ghost thingy but it can be anything really) which can be used for battle. These stands have a special ability and most of them just hit people. If your stand gets hurt then you get hurt as well. In this game you will be given your own stand and you must work together to defeat the ultimate threat to our world. A person with a really OP stand.

Stand creator sheet:

Stand user:
Stands name:
Stands description:
Stands special ability:
Stands weakness:

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