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#1 2022-Apr-08  05:07:08

From: Unforgiveness Lane
Registered: 2020-Nov-30
Posts: 15,037

The Server

Booting the kernel.

The Server v1.0

:: Adjusting system time                                                  [DONE]
:: Initializing daemon                                                    [DONE]
:: Initializing uevents                                                   [DONE]
:: Checking filesystems                                                   [DONE]
:: Mounting local filesystems                                             [DONE]
:: Inflating Gobos                                                        [DONE]
:: Cleaning up stuff                                                      [DONE]
:: Starting network                                                       [DONE]
:: Mounting networking filesystems                                        [DONE]
:: Connecting to the TBGs                                                 [DONE]
:: Starting game engine                                                   [DONE]
:: Initiating game                                                        [DONE]
The Server 1.0 (tbgs) (ttyS0)

Login: guest
Welcome to The Server!

This is a place where you have your own thin client running this half Linux 
half TBOS OS. You can do whatever you want with it except destroying it 
whilst it's running.

* System files cannot be deleted.
* You can sudo, but only to guest.

* Due to technical reasons, some networking actions cannot be performed.

Last login: Thu 01 Jan 1970 12:00:00 AM UTC

guest:root > intro

This program shows you ways around The Server. 

To register, type "useradd (your username here)".
To install a package, you can use pkg.
For help, type "help".

There may be more later. Bye for now.

guest:root > _

BBCode module not found. Falling back to text mode.
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