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#1 2022-Feb-19  16:14:22

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The Interstellar AU RP (please don't post yet)

[b]please don't post yet[/b]
[i]The year is 2050. Earth is dying. You were appointed as one of the 12 astronauts in a Lazarus Mission by NASA to explore the other side of a wormhole near Saturn, to find a habitable planet for mankind, and maybe the lost scientists who had explored this place before you. [/i]
(If you have watched Interstellar, this RP will make sense)

- You can have the maximum of 2 characters
- I recommend to watch Interstellar before joining
- No magical powers, godmodding/game mastering if you're not the game master, overpowered characters
- This RP is partly GM'd

My new account is [url=https://tbgforums.com/forums/profile.php?id=1864]ChaoticControversies[/url].


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