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#1 2014-Mar-18  16:52:20

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Community Guidelines

[h]The TBG Community Guidelines[/h]
[i]updated 7 Apr 2015[/i]

These rules are subject to change with immediate notice in the Announcements topic.

[*]Report a post or topic if it violates the following guidelines.[/*]
[*]Report a post or topic if you need to bring it to a moderator's attention for any other reason.[/*]
[*]The report function may be used for other purposes as well, ex. during forum cleans.[/*]
[*]Abuse of the report button is not allowed.[/*]
[*]Topics may not be used to advertise text based games on other websites. All text based games must have the ability to be played here.[/*]
[*]Stay on topic. If a game has gone off its intended course, make a post that steers it back.[/*]
[*]Always be friendly to, and respect, other users. Trolling or insulting is not allowed.[/*]
[*]If you see posts that are argumentative or 'flamebait', ignore and report. Don't feed the trolls.[/*]
[*]Any text, images or links you post must be appropriate for all ages.[/*]
[*]If you want to bump a game, do so by playing it. Don't just post "bump". (RPGs are excepted.)[/*]
[*]Don't spam.[/*]
[*]Follow the rules of each game.[/*]
[*]Account creation.
[*]Accounts dedicated to advertisement are strictly not allowed. Such accounts are subject to immediate ban, IP ban, and deletion on the first offence.[/*]
[*]Alternate accounts (an account created by a person already having an account) used solely for the purpose of cheating in gameplay are strictly not allowed. Such accounts are subject to immediate deletion on the first offence, and possible main-account and/or IP ban on subsequent offences.[/*]

Thank you for playing at the Text Based Games Forums.

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