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Recycled Rap Battle

Started by lapisi, Mar 13, 2022, 07:18:21 AM

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Basically recycle a verse from any rap battle and modify it to fit a different character

Quote from: rules0. Replace all references that don't make sense with references that do (rule zero because it's the last one added and I didn't want to change all the other rule numbers)
1. Replace all names with names of other characters
2. Replace all swear words and other inappropriate things
3. Don't take anything said here seriously
4. Don't double post
6. Say what the source rap battle was at the beginning of your post but do not link to it as they may not be appropriate (if the rap battle is lost media then include that in the citation)
7. Don't use Epic Rap Battles of History as a source, it's overused
8. Feel free to change character at any time and give previous characters another verse (unless the verse was the post right above yours)
9. Characters can be from any source (including your own), and different interpretations of characters count as separate characters (even if they were made by the same person)
10. Only include characters who have previously rapped in your own verse
11. First post must specify who the next character is
12. To make sure that you read all of these rules add a random food item to the bottom of your post