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#26 2020-May-18  04:28:32

Fun Cupcake i81
From: a place in another place
Registered: 2020-May-03
Posts: 114

Re: Thing Thrift Store

I'll trade 1 rubber duck for a future snowglobe, please.

In case it isn't obvious, foxes aren't players.™


#27 2020-May-23  09:49:25

From: Somewhere in The Agency
Registered: 2020-May-16
Posts: 225

Re: Thing Thrift Store

I’ll trade anti-rust for duct tape

Hi, I’m DeepFriedBacon, I enjoy Fortnite and RPing. There isn't much about me, but feel free to do stuff with me. I'm all open smile
My discord is DeepFriedBacon #5423 and my server is located at https://discord.gg/V9h2phF


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