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#26 2020-Jan-10  10:21:10

From: Morioh-cho
Registered: 2018-May-24
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Re: Grow (Arceus's file)


Stage O: Does not know that the Niche exists. Uses the Stage I version of the Niche unconsciously.
Stage I: [current] Can fix cracked objects and objects split in 2 pieces. Can heal very small wounds.
Stage II: Can fix split objects (up to 4 pieces). Larger things will have a strong magnetism towards each other. Can heal wounds.
Stage III: Can fix shattered objects. Can heal major wounds and injuries.
Stage IV: Can fix very large objects. Can revert things to their original materials. Can heal fatal wounds and injuries.



#27 2020-Jan-10  10:27:38

Registered: 2016-Oct-19
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Re: Grow (Arceus's file)

Your planet starts spinning around. It has many beautiful biomes, but one landmark spoke out to you: a smiley face with a volcano and lake for eyes and a mountain range for a mouth. Between it were several burnt marks on the planet that said "CONGRATULATIONS!". The planet then grows as large as Earth and becomes part of the solar system. Creatures from around the galaxy have assembled to populate it. You have reached the True Ending!
Congratulations with your planet. But there is still more to do. Your journey through the GROW universe is only just beginning...
Part 2 soon

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