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#1 2019-Nov-26  03:25:33

New TBGer
Registered: 2019-Nov-26
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closed topic

Welcome to The D&D house! The D&D house is a place that you get to adventure in a massive, amazing, detailed, world.

For all of those who don't know what D&D is, D&D is one of the most famous RPGs, ever. In this house, we will be playing whatever version of D&D you like most.

OK, so you want to start. To do so, please copy the following form:

Any other info that we ask for about your character:

Before submitting a Character Request, you should probably look at all of the different worlds you can join.

No worlds yet... Come back soon!

You will want to read the forms, rules, and other info about the world, before submitting the form above to the world for joining.

You wanna play with your friend? Check down here to see their Character Name, World, Items, and anything else they choose to share about your character.

No characters yet...

The DMs of D&D House, not only create and manage the worlds, but also help me to run D&D house. Talk to them if you need help.

-FasterThanLight- (Founder)

Like D&D House? You can advertise it! Use the following code to create an ad for it using BBCode!



#2 2019-Dec-01  04:14:56

Fell Rekekka
TBG Team
From: The Dread Isle
Registered: 2016-Jun-23
Posts: 7,131

Re: closed topic

Hello! Just here to let you know that this is a forum site for hosting TBGs and RPGs, not advertising other sites! You're not going to be in trouble or anything if you still want to use the site, I just thought it would be appropriate to let you know about this before it escalates.

I am closing the thread as well because of this.

If this isnt advertising, however, feel free to try to appeal to one of the mods on our Discord server.

I am just a birb whom enjoys Smash Bros Melee, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Roleplaying, and Memes.
"But what really happened that day?"
This is a message from Lord Nergal.
I await you on the Dread Isle.


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