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#251 2019-Apr-16  02:21:03

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Re: Decreasing Verbosity


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#252 2019-Apr-16  07:23:36

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Re: Decreasing Verbosity


I have no clue what to type here right now.


#253 2019-Apr-16  13:25:47

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Re: Decreasing Verbosity

ACUS48 KWNS 150859
SPC AC 150859

Day 4-8 Convective Outlook 
NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
0359 AM CDT Mon Apr 15 2019

Valid 181200Z - 231200Z

Medium-range models are in reasonable agreement through roughly Day 6 (Saturday 4-20), across the U.S., beyond which time divergence in model solutions increases.  As such, predictability of the pattern appears to become an issue through the latter stages of the period.

Early in the period, a large upper trough residing over the central U.S. at the start of the Day 4 (Thursday 4-18) period will shift gradually eastward across the eastern half of the country.  The trough is progged to evolve into a closed low Day 5 (Friday 4-19), as it shifts east of the Mississippi River across the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys and central Gulf Coast states, and then should cross the mountains into the eastern states Day 6.
Ahead of the deepening trough/low, a cold front will move across the Mississippi River into the Midwest/Mid South/central Gulf Coast states Thursday.  Widespread convection (and associated cloud cover) accompanying the system should hinder heating/destabilization in many areas.  However, strong flow aloft should compensate somewhat -- permitting locally strong/severe storms to occur, along with an afternoon peak in severe weather potential.  Friday, as the front crosses the Appalachians and then the East Coast states, a similar scenario should evolve -- with widespread precipitation hindering destabilization in many areas, but shear supporting severe risk with any stronger storms.  With the front expected to have moved offshore by early Saturday morning, no severe weather areas are forecast.

..Goss.. 04/15/2019



#254 2019-Apr-16  13:30:50

From: shef kerbi's garage
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Re: Decreasing Verbosity


Shef Kerbi is rated Dreem Lend's greatest chef for 43 years in a row as approved by Ainsley Harriot, Jon Favreau and Chef Boyardee. He is a culinary master and is the head of a 16 Michelin star restaurant in Monaco. You can literally buy a steak there for ~$250 000 ghost dollars. I went to Monaco once and they wouldn't let me in because both my parent's salaries combined weren't at least $500 000. roll However, I told him that Shef Kerbi is my son and they let me in. While I was eating a $250 000 steak that my dad bought using his retirement money, Masahiro Sakurai walked into the room. He turned on his laser eyes and tries to kill me because Shef Kerbi was apparently a "bootleg of Kirby". Then I see Kirby come out and suck up one of the expert chefs and he gained the Chef copy ability. He started throwing everyone into his pot and boiling them. I sprinted into the bathroom and Kirby was coming out with a knife like this.


I said "Oh no" but then suddenly my friend made me eat Fire Emblem Three Houses on a Switch cartridge that he stole from a Nintendo representative that was with Sakurai. I then got a sword and then the battle turned into Fire Emblem style but I didn't know how to play Fire Emblem so I pretended I was playing Pokémon.

Kirby comes at you with a knife!!
*Shef Kerbi's dad selects MS Paint*
Kirby gets MS Paint'd
-142 health
Critical Hit!

Kirby was now just on 24 health out of 166. I yeeted a Pokéball at him and then threw the Pokéball out of the restaurant's balcony and into the Mediterranean Sea. I then took a plane back to the Mushroom Kingdom and sent Shef Kerbi back to Dreem Lend without thinking about where the Pokéball was floating.

Meanwhile in Cyprus

A dude is walking along the coast in Cyprus when he notices something buried in the sand. He sees a Pokéball and then decides to open it. Kirby comes out and sucks him. Apparently he was a secret agent from Israel and now the Israeli police are out for Kirby. They find Kirby and then arrest him and sent him into Israeli prison for 22 years. Sakurai is disappointed, and on the 3.0 update for Smash Bros Ultimate, Kirby is missing, never to be seen again. But at least we got Joker from Persona 5.

The End

Edit: Thanks DownsGameClub oof. Also this is canon to the CatsUnited lore.

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