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#1 2017-Oct-22  08:51:09

Alex The JPEG
From: From: From: F͡roḿ: F́͜r҉̢̕o
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Survive! Mola Mola! (REVAMPED, 5FG)

Could it be? It is!

Welcome to Survive Mola Mola!  This MFG was inspired by the app for mobile devices.

The goal is to nurture your fish and make it become the biggest mola in the world!  Feed it food, and go on adventures!  Watch out, though, because it could die at any time.

But don't worry if it dies.  You will have a new generation of mola that is stronger and smarter than the previous generation.  Keep training your fish!

There is a currency called MP, or mola points, and you will automatically get 100 MP.  Use MP to buy more types of food and adventures, and help your mola get bigger!  You will also get MP when your mola dies, depending on how big it was.

Do you like what you see? Well what are you waiting for? GO JOIN.

NOTE: If you had a file in the old game, guess what? Your file is deleted. Just kidding! Your old stats and your fish and all of your progress will still be there! However, your food count will be reset.
File 1 - ChildGamer
File 2 - 8435.5
File 3 - Yeroc8
File 4 - Faressain
File 5 -

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#2 2017-Oct-22  08:51:54

From: On a rock floating in space
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Re: Survive! Mola Mola! (REVAMPED, 5FG)

Ye Pl0X

How well do I surviv?
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#3 2017-Oct-22  08:52:00

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Re: Survive! Mola Mola! (REVAMPED, 5FG)



#4 2017-Oct-22  10:41:21

From: the void
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Re: Survive! Mola Mola! (REVAMPED, 5FG)

file pls


#5 2017-Oct-22  18:22:06

From: Pretty much the void
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Re: Survive! Mola Mola! (REVAMPED, 5FG)

I join.

Stay tuned for 1x1 RP era.
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#6 2018-Mar-12  17:23:04

From: With Cayde-6 in the Tower
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Re: Survive! Mola Mola! (REVAMPED, 5FG)


Huh, wonder where this leads.
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