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Help keep this website alive! Read this announcement to find out more :)

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#126 2017-Dec-24  15:18:54

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Re: Keep This Website Alive!

IDK why this wasn't stickied, so I am doing it myself

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#127 2017-Dec-24  19:35:21

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Re: Keep This Website Alive!

This deserved to be stickied so more people could see it.

Help If this gets a Post ID of 1024, we advance! get a post ID of 1024!
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#128 2017-Dec-25  01:32:03

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Re: Keep This Website Alive!

8435.5 wrote:

this needs a sticky

It's stickied, now.

HAH! Look, I actually updated my news section! You owe your friend five dollars.
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